Guardianship matters are common when a child or children reside with someone other than those parents. Many times, these actions are initiated by the non-parents because they desire to access to school or medical records or desire the ability to make custodial decisions about a child, but lack the legal authority to do so. To win a guardianship case, the party initiating the guardianship must prove that the parents are unfit, or there are extenuating circumstances that require the court to enter a guardianship order.

A common misconception of guardianship cases is that the parents lose their custody and placement rights. While that can be true, courts can also rule that a guardian’s role be limited. Many people also believe guardianship means they will not be able to see their child or children anymore. This is not true. Courts can grant placement time for the parents while entering a guardianship order.

Whether you are initiating or defending a guardianship case, it is important you have an attorney advocating for your interests. The stakes are high, so get it done right. Contact us today to learn more.